GP JOULE on its way from Hamburg to Scandinavia: EU funding for hydrogen project GREATER4H in the STRING region of Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden

GP JOULE builds further hydrogen filling stations in Schleswig-Holstein

[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Bald auch an der Ostküste Schleswig-Holsteins: Wasserstofftankstellen für Lkw, Pkws und Busse, wie diese hier in Niebüll, gebaut und betrieben von GP JOULE.

Reußenköge, 20 September 2022

As a project partner, GP JOULE will set up two filling stations in the Lübeck area on the A1 and on the A7 and supply them with green hydrogen, initially from North Frisia's eFarm project. Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway want to work together to promote green hydrogen mobility in heavy goods transport. Their joint project GREATER4H has received funding from the EU Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF) programme and is now entering the implementation phase. The plan is to build a refuelling infrastructure for the transport sector to accelerate the switch from diesel to environmentally friendly hydrogen. 

The filling stations built by GP JOULE will not only be accessible for trucks, but also for buses and cars with fuel cell technology. “We want to make green hydrogen possible for everyone. Heavy goods traffic serves as an enabler. Hydrogen offers a sensible and, above all, the quickest alternative to diesel due to short refuelling and therefore standstill times, a long range and only minor losses in payload," says André Steinau, Managing Director of GP JOULE HYDROGEN. 

If desired, his team can also assist with procuring the fuel cell trucks and the associated acquisition of funding. Talks are already underway with hauliers and bus operators in the region. The response has been very good, Steinau reports. 

A tight schedule is now in place for constructing two new filling stations in the GREATER4H project. They are to be stationed conveniently near Lübeck and on the A7 near Schleswig. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2024 and early 2025. The planned delivery volume is at least one ton of hydrogen per day. 

GP JOULE not only builds the filling stations, but also supplies the green fuel for them. In North Frisia, the service provider for renewable energies has launched the eFarm project, where it produces hydrogen from wind power and operates two filling stations in Niebüll and Husum, with more in the pipeline. 

The GREATER4H project of the STRING region

GREATER4H aims to shift heavy goods traffic from diesel to hydrogen across the borders of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The new hydrogen infrastructure will make it possible for diesel trucks to be a thing of the past from 2025 onwards and for other hydrogen-powered vehicles to be able to refuel nationwide, according to the press release published by the STRING region on the occasion of the funding approval.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a "shining green hope for a seamless zero-emissions revolution in road transport,". A hydrogen vehicle can be refuelled in 5 to 12 minutes, making it possible to transport goods and people without the logistical challenges of recharging battery-powered alternatives. Moreover, hydrogen vehicles are silent and their only by-product is water,".

By building the refuelling infrastructure, GREATER4H project partners would offer the opportunity to end the fossil fuel era and with it the dangerous particulate pollution and CO2 emissions in the transport sector. The GREATER4H project will accelerate the use of hydrogen vehicles throughout the mega-region and make Northern Europe a global leader in the environmentally friendly conversion of road transport.

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STRING is a membership organisation connecting local and regional governments from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway to facilitate the green transition in the transport sector and accelerate the innovation and export of environmentally friendly industrial technologies. The GREATER4H project was developed under the STRING chairmanship of the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is coordinated by it as the lead partner. The three private partners, GP JOULE, Everfuel and Hynion, will build the hydrogen filling stations between Hamburg and Oslo. In addition, Quantron, Ørsted and RENOVA have joined GREATER4H as associated partners to contribute to the supply of green hydrogen, fuel cell technology and hydrogen trucks.

Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electric mobility. GP JOULE is thus a pioneering company in sector cross-linkage. Around 500 people work for the medium-sized group of companies in Germany, Europe and North America. GP JOULE is the winner of the Schleswig-Holstein Business Environment Award 2019 and the German Renewables Award 2020.
GP JOULE HYDROGEN puts the know-how of over ten years of hydrogen research and development on the road. GP JOULE HYDROGEN offers the full range of services for 100% climate-friendly mobility, from gas production from renewable energies to storage and transport to the construction of hydrogen filling stations and their ongoing operation, from customer activation to vehicle procurement and the acquisition of subsidies. 

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